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84% of clients would prefer an app to track their transaction

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We deliver exceptional value for residential real estate professionals:

  • Save time on each transaction
  • Keep track of your deals
  • Collect client referrals
  • Never miss a deadline or a task

ListedKit for Clients…

ListedKit is one of the only transaction management tools designed and built with the client in mind. 

The client portal demystifies the real estate journey for clients, enhancing their visibility and reducing their anxiety.  With custom branding for each company included in our base subscription, ListedKit’s client portal transforms into your business’s own web app for managing your clients’ experience from contract to close and beyond.  

ListedKit’s client portal offers the ability for buyers and sellers to:

  • Access a one-stop-shop for information about their transaction, including important tasks and dates, instructions from their agent, and documents associated with their transaction
  • View their agent’s list of preferred contractors and service providers, allowing them to hit the ground running in their new home
  • Refer their agent to their friends through ListedKit’s Referral Assistant
  • Maintain a digital wallet for all things related to their home purchase, even beyond their closing date. 
tasks and progress views

ListedKit for Agents…

ListedKit puts agents at the center of their transactions.   

Built for residential real estate agents, ListedKit offers:

  • Task lists & progress tracking for both agents and their clients to keep everyone informed throughout the transaction
  • Create a workflow recipe, allowing agents to set up default operating procedures when representing buyers or sellers
  • Preferred service vendor list, to help clients hit the ground running in their new home
  • Pipeline & CRM to keep track of clients and upcoming deals
  • Referral Assistant to passively solicit new leads from your clients
  • Built for individual agents on mobile and desktop
  • User white labelling and custom branding 
Access ListedKit On All Devices

ListedKit for Brokers…

ListedKit is now built for Brokers and Teams as well!  Users who purchase a ListedKit Premium for Teams subscription have the ability to move their whole business to ListedKit, including multiple agent accounts and profiles  for admins and transaction coordinators.  

ListedKit for Teams includes:

  • Task lists & progress tracking for brokers, admins, agents, and clients, as well as visibility for brokers into all aspects and members of their business
  • Manage specialized tasks for brokers or admins that are hidden from clients’ view.
  • Command center homepage with the ability to quickly view all transactions or drill down to transactions requiring compliance reviews, transactions ready to close, and recently closed transactions
  • Customizable compliance review processes for tasks and documents, including approaching audit warnings for agents, quick “tap and notate” audits by admins, and streamlined compliance communication between admins and the agent
  • User white labelling and custom branding
Real estate transaction management tool for realtors

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What people are saying about ListedKit

Dan, Homebuyer

“My last agent did such a poor job keeping us updated and we never knew what we had to do next. This client portal is a no-brainer. I like being able to see our deadlines and keep track of what is coming next.”

Jason, Real Estate Agent

“ListedKit’s client portal replaces my contract-to-close task lists from Asana and turns them into a client portal. Now, clients can see into their transactions and feel involved.”

Melvin, Broker & Owner

“ListedKit replaced our office’s traditional paper checklists and helped us standardize our processes.  Our team now runs more efficiently and our agents keep our clients better informed.”


Derrick Magnotta, CEO

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Manage the client experience from contract to closing. Agents have the ability to track the entire transaction process, ensuring that all important documents are sent to the client in a timely manner. Agents can work from their mobile device or their desktop and are warned when deadlines approach.

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Managing tasks on mobile

We offer better real estate transaction management

ListedKit offers residential real estate agents an innovative tool to manage transactions for buyers and sellers. Our task tracking, document storage, create a workflow recipes, vendor referral list, and customer lifecycle management tools enable agents to work smarter, not harder, and spend more time acquiring clients and closing deals.

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We are one of the first tools built for real estate agents to manage their customer experience between lead acquisition and transaction closing. We deliver an exceptional client experience for home buyers and sellers, and we empower agents to nurture trust with their clients.

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