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Free Templates from ListedKit

A transaction management tool for real estate professionals and their clients

Our template bundles include all of the following and more:

  • Two transaction coordinator templates (for the buying and selling side)
  • Complete walkthrough checklist
  • Thank you email + Referral ask
  • Closing instructions with placeholders
Real Estate Client Retention Software

Real Estate Client Retention Software

A transaction tool for real estate professionals to elevate their client experience

Stand out among the crowd and offer an exceptional customer experience through your own client portal:

  • Task Tracking 
  • Document Storage
  • Vendor Referrals

Happier clients refer more business. Switch to ListedKit – it’s free to get started. 


ListedKit can help…

ListedKit is a real estate project management tool that equips real estate professionals to manage the process from contract to close. 

Built for residential real estate agents, ListedKit offers:

  • Task lists & progress tracking for both agents and their clients to keep everyone informed throughout the transaction
  • Create a workflow recipe, allowing agents to set up default operating procedures when representing buyers or sellers
  • Referral list of vendors, to help clients hit the ground running in their new home
  • Built for individual agents on mobile and desktop
Client retention software for real estate
Agents can retain more business with ListedKit


Manage the client experience from contract to closing. Agents have the ability to track the entire transaction process, ensuring that all important documents are sent to the client in a timely manner. Agents can work from their mobile device or their desktop and are warned when deadlines approach.

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Managing tasks on mobile for better client retention

What We Offer

ListedKit offers residential real estate agents an innovative tool to manage transactions for buyers and sellers. Our task tracking, document storage, create a workflow recipes, vendor referral list, and customer lifecycle management tools enable agents to work smarter, not harder, and spend more time acquiring clients and closing deals.

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Retain more clients after buy or sell real estate

About Us

We are one of the first tools built for real estate agents to manage their customer experience between lead acquisition and transaction closing. We deliver an exceptional client experience for home buyers and sellers, and allow agents to nurture trust with their clients.

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