5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Referrals with ListedKit

Jun 14, 2023 | Client Experience and Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of a successful real estate business.  Without referrals and repeat business, real estate teams miss out on their most consistent and lowest-cost source of business.  

In our eBook, we write that:

“Referrals aren’t just a natural benefit of doing business. Rather, referrals are a smart way to build a sustainable business that feeds itself with new client opportunities”

To take advantage of real estate referrals, agents have to be intentional.  They have to build a process that is optimized to deliver new leads.  

Great Experience -> Happy Clients -> Referrals

Thankfully, with ListedKit, we can make this a little easier.  Here are five ways ListedKit can help your team generate more referrals.  

Real Estate Transaction Client Portal

1. Give clients the experience they want

Buying a house is stressful.  With ListedKit, there is order in the universe.  ListedKit revolutionizes the home buying and selling experience by providing homebuyers and sellers with the tools and modern experience they truly desire. 

Our platform ensures that buyers and sellers understand exactly what needs to be done and when, eliminating confusion and streamlining the process. Key dates, important details, and copies of documents are readily available, allowing users to stay organized and informed throughout the entire journey.

The platform empowers buyers and sellers to actively participate in their own transactions, creating a sense of empowerment and confidence that is often lacking in traditional real estate processes. 

In focus groups, an overwhelming 84% of buyers and sellers expressed that their experience would have been significantly improved if their realtor had offered them a client experience program like ListedKit. 

With ListedKit, the home buying and selling experience is modernized, intuitive, and tailored to meet the needs and expectations of today’s tech-savvy consumers.  When clients are happy and impressed, they are more likely to make real estate referrals. 

Real Estate Transaction Management Software with Email Automation

2. Over-Communicate

When we talk to clients, we hear the same narrative more than anything else – they want more information than they currently have about their transaction.  Why?  Because a home purchase is probably the largest investment they will ever make!

Oversharing information is an incredibly valuable marketing tool for agents – not only does it show their expertise, it projects control and confidence to their customers.  This builds inherent trust in the relationship between agent and client.  By presenting a clear plan and executing it accordingly, clients can better plan and prepare for each step of the process.

With ListedKit, we give agents:

  • The ability to build their own unique playbook for transactions with our custom ListedKits
  • The ability to automate communication through emails to their clients, as well as other stakeholders in the transaction
  • Alerts when a client misses a deadline for a task assigned to them
  • Coming soon: the ability to alert clients via SMS text message as well

At a time when class action lawsuits criticize the value of an agent, being able to demonstrate just how much work an agent is doing on behalf of their client behind the scenes is more important than ever.  In fact, whenever a client logs into our portal, the very first thing they see is an alert showing just how many tasks their agent has completed for them:

ListedKit makes it easy for real estate agents to communicate important information and reinforce their value.

Manage Service Providers and Vendors List with ListedKit

3. Create a valuable resource that provides real value beyond closing

Real estate agents do so much more than selling – they are local experts and advocates for their clients.  With ListedKit, we make it easy to share your local knowledge with your clients through our Service Providers list.  

Finding reputable contractors can be overwhelming – but the best contractors earn a reputation among real estate agents for a reason.  With ListedKit, you can curate your own special list of local pros who will help your clients hit the ground running in their new home. 

Hosted in our application, and available to clients during their transaction and forever beyond their closing, use ListedKit to share your recommendations for contractors, plumbers, inspectors, lenders, lawn care and landscape experts, and any other local providers who have earned your trust.  

We guarantee your Service Providers list will keep your clients coming back into your ListedKit app beyond their closing. This keeps fostering a connection to your brand, keeping them loyal customers and advocates for you well beyond their closing date.  

Get Real Estate Referrals with ListedKit's Referral Assistant

4. Real Estate Referral Assistant

Modern clients want a client portal, and they will be in love with your ListedKit application and Service Providers list.  While the client experience will be amazing, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t start getting some referrals. 

That’s why we build ListedKit’s Referral Assistant.  

Built into all ListedKit plans, the Referral Assistant is cleverly sandwiched between your headshot and the crucial information clients want about their transaction.  The Assistant will nudge your clients to refer you to their friends, with a convenient way to text or email your information to their friends.  

When your clients make a referral, their friend receives your virtual business card with your branding, headshot, biography, and contact information.  And, because nobody wants to pick up the phone and make a call to a potential real estate agent, the new lead will be able to request that you contact them directly through your virtual business card. 

With ListedKit, our Referral Assistant makes it easy for clients to connect you with their friends and family, expanding your sphere of influence, and making it easy for new clients to contact you.  

Get five star reviews with ListedKit

5. Ask for reviews through passive advocacy

Real estate agents can leverage the power of ListedKit to effortlessly send emails to their clients and assign them a task in the portal to leave a review. This streamlined process not only simplifies the ask, but also increases the likelihood of receiving valuable client reviews. 

With ListedKit, real estate agents have the flexibility to link to their preferred review site, whether it’s Google, Yelp, Zillow, or any other platform. By automating this task, real estate agents can save time and ensure that no client slips through the cracks when it comes to leaving a review.

The accumulation of user-generated social proof through client reviews is a game-changer for real estate agents. It not only strengthens their brand but also boosts their visibility in the market. Higher review yields achieved through ListedKit lead to improved rankings and credibility, setting real estate agents apart from their competitors. 

When clients become passive advocates through positive reviews, it creates a ripple effect of referrals and recommendations, further expanding the real estate agent’s client base. With ListedKit’s seamless email and task assignment feature, real estate agents can effortlessly harness the power of client reviews to enhance their reputation and drive business growth.

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