Smart real estate teams know that great transactions lead to great referrals

ListedKit is transaction management and relationship software guaranteed to create customer experiences that lead to referrals. Designed for teams. 

✓ No Contract
✓ Impress Your Clients
✓ Collect More Referrals

✓ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
✓ Support & Train Your Agents
✓ Build Better Relationships

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Missed Future Commission per Month

According to our user research, 39% of clients would not recommend or use the same agent again. A team handling 10 deals per month is missing out on 3 future deals, each and every month.  ListedKit will help close this gap with our powerful transaction management, Client Portal, and Referral Assistant. 

Why You Should Be Using ListedKit


of clients have a better experience with a portal like ListedKit

Problem: Customers don’t refer agents who don’t engage them in the process

Solution: ListedKit helps you engage your customers with our first of its kind real estate client portal 

  • Informs clients during their buying or selling process
  • Builds deeper relationships and trust with clients 
  • Clients are reminded of their agent’s hard work and expertise
  • Curated agent-recommended service providers, lenders, and  contractors delivers authentic value to clients


of future real estate revenue comes from referrals & repeat business

Problem:  Most real estate revenue comes from referrals. But only 1 in 5 clients will make a referral.

Solution: ListedKit actively recruits referrals and forms lasting relationships with your clients

  • Automated communications keeps clients informed during the transaction and after their closing
  • Transaction timeline and task management shows clients the value of their agent
  • Corporate and personal branding plus contact tools build a strong relationship with clients
  • Clients keep access to their portal forever
  • Solicits new leads from clients during the transaction and beyond

Named to’s “Best reviewed real estate tech of 2022.” Find out why!

Who We Serve

Real Estate Teams

Admins & Transaction Coordinators

Freelance Transaction Coordinators

Innovative Brokerages

ListedKit helps Real Estate Teams work together to deliver an exceptional client experience

For real estate teams:

Innovative teams know that the faster transactions close with fewer mistakes, the more money you make and the more referrals from clients you’ll receive. ListedKit empowers meaningful oversight and support for agents, making recruiting a breeze. 

For Admins & TCs:

The best transaction coordinators use ListedKit to stay organized and handle more deals in less time.  With customizable checklists, document management, and automated communications, Admins can work smarter, not harder, and keep their team on track. 

For Freelance TCs:

Freelance TCs are process experts and use ListedKit as the central operating system for their business. With customizable processes, automations, and the ability to manage work on behalf of multiple brokerages and agents, find out why freelance TCs are switching to ListedKit. 

For Innovative Brokerages:

Brokers who are tired of the same old software are switching to ListedKit to manage their business. From document management, to team oversight, to compliance reviews, ListedKit empowers brokers to implement modern software that agents love. 

Only 1 in 5 clients will make a referral. ListedKit solves this by fixing the customer experience and building deeper relationships with your clients. 

Try ListedKit with Confidence with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

“Why use ListedKit when I have a spreadsheet?”

“But I use Trello or Asana for free.”

But I prefer to use paper.”

✓ ListedKit is purpose-built for real estate
✓ ListedKit fixes customer experience
✓ ListedKit informs clients

✓ ListedKit is collaborative for brokers, admins, agents, and clients
✓ ListedKit’s Referral Assistant brings you more business

See It In Action

ListedKit is transaction management software that creates happy clients and happy teams.

Agents love ListedKit because it delivers happy customers, more leads, and works on the go

Mobile first, desktop friendly image of software

Mobile first, desktop friendly

As an agent, you’re bouncing from home to home. You’re always on the go. Review transaction status and complete tasks on the go. Don’t wait until you’re in front of your computer.

buyer and seller template views

Customize our buyer and seller templates

Use our transaction templates or customize them to fit your needs. Transaction templates include tasks, document requests, and automated email messages. We understand each transaction is a little different – users can quickly customize templates on the fly for individuals transactions.

Real estate transactions are complex. Stand out among your competitors and earn more referrals with ListedKit

tasks and progress views

Involve your clients in the closing process

Delegate tasks to them through the optional Client Portal. Collect documents and referrals from clients in the portal and share your approved vendor list.

Never miss a task and close on time

The last you thing you want is to forget a task and delay your client’s closing. ListedKit keeps you accountable with reminders and checklist templates. Get to the closing table on time with ListedKit.

Jump start your word of mouth advertising by using ListedKit to impress your clients with a modern buying or selling experience. 

See your pipeline at a glance

See your pipeline at a glance with your open transactions and by client. Receive notifications when your clients complete tasks. And opt into weekly reports of your listings and transactions.

Keep all of your documents secure

All of your documents in securely stored in one place with your transaction.

Pipeline and docs

Unlike other platforms, ListedKit is easy to set up and can be ready to use same day. Our team will even help you get started. 

What people are saying about ListedKit

The Gusty Gulas Group

“We signed up with ListedKit in November 2022. Derrick assisted us with onboarding which went seamlessly. Every suggestion we have provided to him has been added to their road map with plans to implement in the next few months. The staff with Listed Kit are accessible and eager to have the best transaction management system out there. They are well on their way.”

Dan, Homebuyer

“My last agent did such a poor job keeping us updated and we never knew what we had to do next. This client portal is a no-brainer. I like being able to see our deadlines and keeping track of what is coming next.”

Melvin, Broker & Owner

“ListedKit is a replacement for traditional paper checklists and helps standardize your processes. Our team can run more efficiently and our agents can help keep our clients more informed.”

Trust your closings to ListedKit!

Stay on task and never overlook a to-do item. Zoom in and out of your closing timeline to ensure you’re on track.

Take your closings on the go with ListedKit!