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Transaction coordinators spend hours extracting data from transaction documents. What if AI could do that for you?

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AI Real Estate Contract  Reviewer


Process New Transactions in <10 Minutes

  1. Upload a document
  2. Give the AI a few minutes to do its magic ✨
  3. Copy-paste the information into your transaction software

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See how AI extracts key data from your contracts and smartly maps it into ListedKit. Just review, refine, and done! The transaction is filed. Ready to test it for yourself?

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AI Real Estate Contract Reviewer

Frequently Asked Questions

What transaction details does the tool extract?

The ListedKit AI reviewer tool extracts the following data:

  • Property address
  • Buyer(s) name and email address
  • Seller(s) name and email address
  • Buyer agent’s name, email address, and phone number
  • Seller agent’s name, email address, and phone number
  • Date when the purchase agreement was signed
  • Purchase price
  • Earnest money amount
  • Name of the lender or bank
  • Contact person at the bank
  • Type of loan (FHA, VA, or Conventional)
  • Earnest money due date
  • House of Sale Clause due date
  • HOA addendum due date
  • Inspection due date
  • Inspection contingency due date
  • Possession date
  • Financing contingency due date
  • Closing date
  • List of documents by title
  • List of amendments
  • List of addendums
  • Special provisions, addenda, or issues

Do you see something missing? Email us at and let us know! 

Will documents be kept confidential?

Yes. ListedKit AI leverages OpenAI’s expertise for specific tasks, such as extracting key fields from your documents. We only transmit the minimum data required for these tasks, ensuring your documents remain safe and secure.

Can Other People See My Documents?

No!  Your documents are not shared with any other admins or real estate professionals.  Our tool was built with privacy in mind.

How Much Does This Cost?

Get your first three summaries for free!

After your third submission, you can continue to use the tool with a ListedKit account (starting at $49/mo).

Do I Need a Login and Password?

No!  Just access our tool and enter your email address to get started. If you’re a ListedKit user, make sure to use your admin’s email address.

Do I Need to Use ListedKit's Transaction Management Software?

No, you don’t need to use ListedKit’s Transaction Management Software for your first 3 tries. After that, you’ll need to sign up to continue using it.

Is AI 100% Accurate Every Time?

Even though AI technology has advanced rapidly, sometimes it can make mistakes.  While our AI Tool should give you a head start on processing a new file, mistakes can happen, so we always recommend checking over the details. 

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