Buyer closing instructions and email template

Copy our buyer closing instructions email to share important details related to the closing with your buyer and ensure they bring the correct documents to the closing.

Preparing for closing

Subject: Closing is around the corner


You’re almost in your new home. But before we close, please read through this email in preparation for your upcoming closing.

Your closing is expected to take place at [TITLE COMPANY] located at [TITLE COMPANY ADDRESS] on [DATE OF CLOSING]. You can reach them via phone at [TITLE COMPANY PHONE]. I’ve sent you a calendar invite to [CLIENT EMAIL] with all of the information as well.

In preparation for the closing, please schedule the utilities and services at your new address to activate the day after closing.

  • Trash/Recycling: [TRASH/RECYCLING WEBSITE]
  • Internet/Cable/Phone: [INTERNET/CABLE WEBSITE]

Once you get your CD (Closing Disclosure) from your lender, you will need to wire your closing funds (if any) to the title company. This is the same place and same instructions that you used to send your escrow deposit.

You will need to bring the below to the closing:

  • 2 forms of ID
  • Driver’s license or state ID
  • Social security card, passport, insurance card, or voter registration card (credit cards are not acceptable)

The last item is setting up a final walk-through. This is done the day before closing so you can take one last look at the property before you purchase it. Can you send over a couple of dates and times to complete the walkthrough? I’ll coordinate everything with the seller’s agent.

Please call me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or respond to this email with any questions.

You’re almost there!

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