Walk through checklists

The essential walkthrough checklist to give you peace of mind before the home becomes yours. Don’t forget this.

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Essential Walk Through Checklist

☐ Bring the essentials
☐ Final contract
☐ Phone
☐ Phone charger
☐ Notepad (or notes app on phone)
☐ Inspection summary
☐ Real estate agent
☐ Verify final repairs
☐ Check all items included in the sale (window blinds, appliances, etc.)
☐ Open windows and doors
☐ Inspect bathrooms (run facets, run showers/baths, flush toilets)
☐ Try heating and air conditioning
☐ Test electrical system (e.g., plug in your phone)
☐ Tour the property (thoroughly)
☐ Look for signs of pests (e.g., rats/mice, ants)

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