Add Custom Fields to ListedKit

Jun 20, 2024 | Product Updates

Today we’re announcing the first phase of one of our most requested feature additions, the ability to add your own custom advanced fields!

This is the first part of a multi-week rollout of functionality, so please stay tuned for more updates as we continue to help you make ListedKit work best for you and your team.

Custom Advanced Fields

Today’s release allows you to create your own custom advanced fields! We’ve heard from so many of you that the advanced fields we provide in our platform are overwhelming, don’t contain the fields you expect, or use different terminology than you prefer. 

Today is our first step in making our Advanced Fields work for you. 

This release introduces the ability to add custom Advanced Fields to your ListedKit. You can create a new field for any category with a variety of data entry types. 

We also create a variable for your new field automatically and add it to your list for use with email templates. Here’s what this looks like in action.

When using your new Advanced Field as a variable in your email templates, you simply have to select the category and your field will be right there waiting for you. Here’s what that looks like in action. 

Editing Custom Advanced Fields

June 26, 2024 Update

As well as adding advanced fields, we’ve now released the ability for you to go back and edit any of your custom fields as needed. One thing to note is that this doesn’t apply to the default advanced fields yet; that’s coming in a later release. 

For now, however, you’re able to create and edit your own advanced fields!

Other Stuff

We also spent a fair amount of time squashing bugs and making the platform more stable for you this past week. 

You should expect to see better stability and usability with your email templates and we’ve made improvements to the loading time and accuracy of our AI Contract Reader.

We’re excited to keep making the ListedKit platform better and better and we would love to hear your thoughts on these new features and anything else you want to see from the platform.

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