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May 8, 2024 | Featured

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Transaction Coordinators (TCs) play an indispensable role in the intricate world of real estate transactions, meticulously managing countless details essential for closing deals. Proper training and mentorship are crucial for anyone stepping into this role. Initially working with an established real estate team offers new TCs a robust way to grasp complex processes and hone vital skills within a supportive setting. This foundational experience helps TCs understand the workflow, master essential tasks, and build confidence.

However, whether TCs are aiming to enhance their skills within a team or transition to operating independently, the value of specialized coaching cannot be overstated. Targeted coaching provides not only the expertise, insights, and customized guidance necessary for excelling in the TC role but also introduces new systems and tactics that can be crucial in a fast-evolving field. The list below features the top seven Transaction Coordinator training coaches, each providing distinctive courses aimed at equipping aspiring TCs with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic field.

David Breckheimer – Cultivate Wins: 1-on-1 Coaching

David is a business coach specializing in helping small business owners achieve both personal well-being and financial success. His coaching covers everything from goal achievement and business scaling to effective leadership and time management.

Perfect For: Small independent Transaction Coordinators aiming for work/life balance and netting $100k to $250k per year working 40 hours or less per week.

Pricing for 1-on-1 coaching: $649 per month for bi-monthly 60-minute calls; $389 per month or quarter for 60-minute calls once a month or quarter.

Cultivate Wins also offers FULL ACCESS to ALL of their courses and TC training material within their $12/month TC Support Membership.

Allyson Kurak – 1:1 Coaching Stitched Real Estate

Allyson is an experienced transaction coordinator who offers personalized coaching sessions to help new and experienced Transaction Coordinators, as well as real estate agents transitioning into Transaction Coordinator roles. Her coaching is designed to scale your business to the next level, whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills. Sessions are 45 minutes long and conducted via Google Meet.

Perfect For: New or experienced TCs, agents transitioning to TC roles.

Pricing: Contact for details.

Brindley Tucker – Transaction Management Academy

Brindley is a licensed Realtor® and transaction manager who has successfully closed over 2,000 real estate transactions. She offers self-paced online training through her Transaction Management Academy, guiding you through the entire contract-to-close process with instructional videos, downloadable materials, and email templates. Her goal is to develop leaders who can then develop other leaders in transaction management.

Perfect For: Aspiring Transaction Managers.

Pricing: Contact for details.

Christy Belt Grossman – OPS Boss Coaching

Christy is a seasoned operations expert who provides training through OPS Boss Coaching. Her coaching, targeted at COOs, DOOs, Transaction Coordinator business owners, and ops-minded entrepreneurs, addresses various growth challenges from goal setting to leadership. She offers both elite 1:1 coaching and group coaching, which includes coaching circles, a video library, and an active community on Facebook and Slack.

Perfect For: COOs, DOOs, TC company owners, and other entrepreneurs with operations experience; also real estate agents needing smoother operations.

Pricing: Elite 1:1 Coaching: $950-$1,500 per month; Group Coaching: $499 per month plus $99 per additional team member.

Jennifer Connolly – TC Power Week + Coaching

Jennifer is an experienced transaction coordinator who offers a beginner-level eight-week training and training course designed for those new to the Transaction Coordinator business. The Power Week includes daily 45-minute sessions focusing on essential business setup, organization, and client retention. The following seven weeks of continued training help embed learning and tackle real-time challenges.

Perfect For: Beginners in TC roles.

Pricing: Contact for details.

Kathleen Metcalf – REA101 Training

Kathleen is an expert in training real estate admins through her REA101 course, a self-paced online course that covers the basics of real estate support over 12 modules. The course includes topics like customer service, marketing, and transaction management, ensuring that your new admin can hit the ground running with less risk of common training pitfalls.

Perfect For: New real estate admins.

Pricing: $599 for REA101; $2,999 for 90 Days to Thrive® includes 1:1 coaching + REA101 video training program.

Michelle Spalding – The Transaction Coordinator Academy

Michelle is a seasoned TC coach who offers courses for both beginners and those ready to start their own TC business. Her foundational course is great for newbies or realtors training their admins. For more seasoned TCs, the business course covers entrepreneurship, client identification, and marketing.

Perfect For: TC beginners, TCs starting their own business, realtors training their admins.

Pricing: Transaction Coordinator Essentials: $298; Transaction Coordinating as a Business: $348; Simple Marketing Solutions: $88.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right coach is a critical step for any Transaction Coordinator looking to elevate their career. Whether you’re just starting out, seeking to refine your skills within a team, or preparing to launch your own TC business, the coaches listed above offer a range of training courses tailored to meet your specific needs. Each coach brings a unique set of experiences and teaching styles that can help you navigate the complexities of real estate transactions more effectively.

Investing in the right transaction coordinator training can unlock your potential, increase your confidence, and enable you to handle even the most challenging transactions with greater ease. We encourage you to reach out to these coaches, discuss your goals, and see how their training courses can align with your career aspirations. With the right mentorship, you’re not just learning; you’re setting the groundwork for lasting success in the real estate industry.

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