Why ListedKit? Building Real Estate Transaction Tracking Software

Jun 2, 2022 | Featured

Derrick Magnotta, CEO of ListedKit

Why build ListedKit?

Residential real estate transactions are complex and can be difficult to manage. ListedKit is a real estate transaction tracking software created to help real estate agents maximize and enhance the value they’re already delivering to their clients.

Agents require precise coordination among multiple parties and tasks to reach a successful closing. Therefore, real estate agents are specialized project managers, responsible for getting an offer across the finish line to a closed deal.

Our team found that existing tools in the market to help with transactions weren’t addressing all the needs. And some were built with too many extra features and complicated interfaces that don’t work well for today’s real estate agents, who are on the go.

ListedKit is a purpose-built tool designed to support agents intuitively during a transaction from contract to closing.

Who is ListedKit for?

ListedKit is a dedicated tool for agents to manage their pipeline of clients as well as their transactions.

Agents can zoom in on a specific client or deal, and zoom out to view the larger workings of their business in one central place. They can also prioritize the most important tasks across all transactions and see upcoming deadlines at a glance.

Real estate transactions require a lot of back-and-forth communication and coordination with clients. ListedKit enables agents to assign tasks to their clients and allows them to track their progress. Both clients and agents can look ahead to see every step of the process, and what’s coming next.


Being able to collaborate on tasks and timelines with clients helps save agents time while also improving their customers’ experience. Clients can see all of the moving pieces managed by their agent, taking the guesswork out of complex transactions and reducing their pre-closing anxiety.

Document Storage

ListedKit also provides a central place for clients and agents to upload and access documents related to their transactions. This way, agents spend less time tracking down and managing physical paperwork, helping to reduce the margin of error for document miscommunication.

Client Resources

Most agents maintain a list of preferred service providers for their clients. With ListedKit, this list goes digital, allowing their clients to access a trusted list of contractors, lenders, and home service providers on-demand, even after closing.

What’s next?

As agents become more successful and grow their business, ListedKit allows agents to multiply the number of transactions they can confidently manage at once. Improved efficiency means increased closing rates and more revenue – all while making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Agents can check their list of items and to-dos at a glance on the go or between showings, so they never have to worry about missing a task.

ListedKit helps busy agents stay organized, collaborate better with their clients, and deliver an exceptional experience.

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