Transaction coordinator email scripts

Copy our transaction coordinator email scripts to welcome new clients, share when their listing is live, and notify them when their home goes under contract.

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  • Customizable compliance review processes for tasks and documents, including approaching audit warnings for agents, quick “tap and notate” audits by admins, and streamlined compliance communication between admins and the agent
  • User white labelling and custom branding
Real estate transaction management tool for realtors

Copy and paste this template into your message body and personalize to make it your own!

Welcome the client and introduce yourself

Subject Line: Thank you! We’re excited to sell your house


My name is [YOUR NAME], and I am the Transaction Coordinator who will be working on your listing with [AGENT’S NAME].

My job is to ensure your closing runs smoothly.

Throughout this process, you will be receiving several emails from me with updates, reminders, and occasional questions. To ensure all of my emails go straight to your inbox please add my email “[YOUR EMAIL]” to your contact list.

[AGENT’S OFFICE] uses ListedKit to manage all transactions. You will receive an invite via email shortly. Please follow the instructions in the email to create your account.

Please reach out via phone at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or email with any questions. I’m always happy to help.


Your listing is live

Subject Line: Your Home is Live on the Internet


Congratulations, your home is officially listed! To view your listing, please click on this link [LINK TO LISTING].

To view your home on the MLS, please use this link: [LINK TO LISTING ON MLS].

Please reach out via phone at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or email with any questions. I’m always happy to help.


Your home is under contract

Subject Line: Your Home is Under Contract!


Congratulations! Your home is under contract. Here is a timeline of the important events leading to your closing.

  • The Effective Start Date is [EFFECTIVE START DATE].
  • The Escrow Deposit is due to [TITLE COMPANY] by [ESCROW DUE DATE].
  • Home Inspection is due by [INSPECTION DUE DATE]. 
  • Title Commitment is due by [TITLE] from the title company. 
  • Your Home’s Appraisal is due [APPRAISAL DUE DATE].
  • The Loan Approval is due from the buyer’s lender by [LOAN APPROVAL DATE]. 
  • Anticipated closing date: [CLOSE DATE].

    Home Inspection

    You do not have to attend, but it is recommended that you do. A septic inspection, wind mitigation, and/or a wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspection may be necessary.

    Title Commitment

    The title insurance company discloses to all parties involved in the real estate transaction any defects, liens, and obligations that affect the property.

    Home Appraisal

    Your home appraisal is initiated by the lender to ensure the loan value is supported by an appraised value. You will be notified when this is scheduled.

    Loan Approval

    This signifies the buyer’s mortgage is approved for closing.

    Final Walkthrough

    The final walkthrough will be scheduled before the buyer’s closing. This usually occurs right before the buyer’s signing. Don’t forget to turn all utilities on for this walkthrough.


    The above must be completed on time to ensure we close on time. You will be contacted soon by the closing agent at [TITLE CO NAME]. Please work with them on any information they might need to get you to the closing table on time.

    A copy of your executed contract is available for you on

    As always, give me a call at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or shoot me an email if you need anything or have any questions. 



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