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Free Transaction Timeline Template for Realtors

Use this guide to:

  • Understand the key milestones and parties involved in each step.
  • Stay organized and informed about critical deadlines.
  • Identify and proactively address potential delays.
  • Share with clients to set expectations.
Real estate contract to close timeline

Download our free real estate task list for a smooth transaction from contract to closing.

This comprehensive task list will help you avoid missing any important deadlines and ensure a smooth closing for everyone involved.

Close more deals in less time with ListedKit

ListedKit’s task management tools make it easy for your team to track and collaborate on transactions. From contract to beyond close- we’ve got you covered.


  • Easily Streamline Workflows
  • Customize Your Transaction Checklist Tasks
  • Automate Task Tracking
  • Help Your Team Stay on Track
ListedKit helps real estate teams streamline workflows and manage tasks