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Top real estate teams use ListedKit to streamline their workflows, exceed client expectations, and get more referrals.

ListedKit: The one-stop shop for real estate teams collaboration

We know that managing multiple clients and transactions can be tough. But with streamlined systems in place, you’ll be well on your way to beating the competition and growing your real estate business.

Simple Real Estate Teams Software
  • Save time and money by automating tasks, such as populating documents and sending contracts.
  • Streamline transactions and communicate with clients in a central location.
  • Increase transparency and build agent-client trust by giving clients access to real-time transaction status.
  • Get more referrals and increase client satisfaction with our referral assistant.

Why is ListedKit better?

  • Reduced data entry
  • ListedKit automatically pulls in data from other sources, such as MLS listings and CRM systems. This saves your team time and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Documents and document signature
  • With ListedKit, you can easily create, manage documents, and make changes to documents. This way your team can close deals faster and more efficiently.
  • Compliance review
  • ListedKit helps your team stay compliant with real estate regulations by providing “checks and balances” such as document templates, checklists, and workflow automation. This can help your team avoid fines and penalties, and protect your business from liability.
Collaborative Tool for Real Estate Teams

Take the stress out of closing & keep everyone in the loop

ListedKit helps real estate teams save 80% of the time spent on back-office work by automating workflows and eliminating data entry.

Start a ListedKit Transaction
Start a Transaction
You can start a transaction before it’s on the market or after there’s a contract.
Invite a Client
Give client’s transparency, share documents, and show your value.
Get Referrals
Our Referral Assistant will prompt clients to refer you via the client portal.
start a listedkit transaction

Start a Transaction

Whether buying or selling, you can start a transaction before or after there’s a contract.
invite a client to listedkit

Invite a Client

Give clients transparency, share documents, and show your value.
get referrals through listedkit

Get Referrals

Our Referral Assistant will prompt clients to refer you via the client portal.

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