Customer Case Study

How ListedKit Helped a Real Estate Team Prevent Burnout and Maintain Quality Service

Published on June 6, 2024

James Rodgers Realty Group
User: Executive Assistant
Team size: 4 agents and 1 admin

“I never want my business to be so big that the people never feel like they’re the only person we’re serving, and that was kind of happening to some extent. ListedKit has helped us ensure every client feels like our only client, even as we grow.” – James Rodgers, Team Lead.

The Problem

Before implementing ListedKit, the team struggled with increasingly unmanageable transaction management. They relied on a Google spreadsheet to handle around 10 to 12 transactions and six or seven listings. As their workload grew, the limitations of this system became glaringly obvious. The team found themselves overwhelmed, struggling to keep track of the numerous details and tasks associated with each transaction. The turning point came when the Executive Assistant voiced concerns about the sustainability of their current system, fearing they might not be able to handle the growing volume of work much longer. This prompted an urgent need to find a better solution.

The spreadsheet, while initially sufficient, could no longer support the expanding business. The team feared that their business success was beginning to compromise the quality of their service, making clients feel less valued and more like just another transaction. They needed a way to scale their operations without losing the personal touch that was so important to them.

Their executive assistant described their workload as, “extremely stressful and unmanageable,” often requiring them to work late and come in early. One of the primary issues was the lack of organization, particularly with tasks that had no set deadlines. This absence of deadlines for pre-listing tasks made it difficult to stay on top of them, leading to less engagement with those tasks. The Tasks tab was cluttered with non-urgent items, making it hard to focus on pressing tasks. The manual process of transitioning listings from pre-contract to under-contract stages was also time consuming and added to their stress. Overall, these challenges created a chaotic and unmanagable work environment, which has significantly improved since implementing ListedKit.

“Once it does go under contract, it’s like a breath of fresh air that it’s already in here and I don’t have to add it. All I have to do is say “under contract” and move on to the next milestone, so it saves me time.”

Gabrielle Brown

Executive Assistant, James Rodgers Realty Group

task management

Solution & Implementation

ListedKit provided the team with the necessary tools to streamline their processes, allowing them to manage transactions more effectively and ensure that every client continued to feel valued and well-served. The most beneficial features of ListedKit for the team have been:

  • Robust transaction management capabilities and the ease of transitioning listings from pre-contract to under-contract status.
  • The Transactions tab stands out as a crucial tool, allowing quick access to all ongoing transactions and their statuses. This feature provides a clear overview, helping the team stay organized and focused on urgent tasks.
  • The ability to input listings and seamlessly move them to the next stage with just a click has saved significant time and effort.
  • Additionally, the comprehensive checklists and milestones ensure that no step is overlooked, streamlining the entire process.

These features collectively contribute to a more efficient workflow, reducing stress and enhancing productivity.

The Results

Here is how this team felt the impact of ListedKit after implementing the system:

ListedKit helps your real estate team manage list of service providers and vendors

Handle more transactions without compromising the quality of their client interactions.

Transactions Task Management

Ensure that no steps are overlooked, keeping the entire process on track and reducing the risk of errors.

Real Estate Transaction Compliance Review

Ease of transition listings from pre-contract to under-contract status.

ListedKit Real Estate Document Management

Increased productivity by giving a way to stay organized and focused on urgent tasks.

Future Outlook

ListedKit significantly reduces workload stress and makes transaction management more efficient for its customers. The tool helps organize and track tasks, ensuring nothing is overlooked. The ability to automate tasks and emails, once integrated, will save even more time and improve productivity. The James Rogers team emphasized that for real estate teams considering ListedKit, the platform offers significant advantages in managing an increased workload more efficiently, keeping processes organized, and maintaining the personal touch that sets their business apart.

By using ListedKit, teams can focus more on serving their clients effectively and growing their business sustainably, rather than getting bogged down by manual and cumbersome transaction management processes.

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