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Psychology-backed Referral Generation

ListedKit’s Referral Assistant empowers realtors to effortlessly expand their network and grow their client base through a personalized and strategic approach.

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Get Real Estate Referrals with ListedKit's Referral Assistant

Your Referral Network, Your Way

Maximize your referral potential by customizing your Referral Assistant with your unique branding and personal touch.

Craft a compelling profile that showcases your expertise and invites new leads to connect. 


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of real estate revenue comes from referrals & repeat business


of clients prefer a portal to track their transaction under contract

Client complaint is poor communication during contract to close

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Make a great first impression

When new leads click on their referral link, they’ll be presented with your ListedKit agent profile, including your bio, website, and your own company branding. 

Now, new leads don’t have to pick up the phone to call an agent. Instead, they can submit their contact information directly through your agent profile. 


Progress tracker

Get alerts and track your leads

When a new lead chooses to reach out, you’ll immediately receive an email and a notification in your ListedKit app. New leads are stored in your ListedKit pipeline, where you can find their contact information or start the new client onboarding process. 

Track your progress in real time

With ListedKit, agents and clients can work together more efficiently, and with greater visibility into the transaction process.