Getting Started with New Real Estate Clients

Jul 28, 2022 | Uncategorized

Getting Started with New Real Estate Clients

Imagine: a world where your transaction workflow saves you at least 12 hours on every closing. In this magical world, you replace extra property visits and last-minute meetings with “me time,” and you finally clear off space for a reportedly unkillable succulent on your desk.

Using the Right Tools

Instead of panicked phone calls and lengthy email chains, you and your new real estate clients are consistently on the same page about every aspect of the home buying or selling process. Files, updates, and wishlists are stored in one place and are accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Good news! Real estate has joined the 21st century, and you and your client really can save days of work with ListedKit. The new client onboarding process takes minutes and keeps you both up to date every step of the way. Let’s get you on your way to making that plant-parent dream a reality. 

Where We Come In

First impressions are everything in real estate, and ListedKit makes sure your clients see and trust your brand from the get go. The invitation to collaborate includes your logo and headshot at the top of the page, establishing clean-cut professionalism with your own personal twist right off the bat. 

Representing new real estate clients has never been easier; just enter their information and invite them to collaborate.

They’ll be able to build their wishlist on their own, including desired home features, price, and of course, location (location location). You’ll be together every step of the way, but it doesn’t become your problem if they want to add to the list at 3am.

This feature helps you get to know your client; better to find out about their absolute need for a Peloton room sooner rather than later. It also gives you a clean space to store information, so you’re never on a wild goose chase for Smith-Vision-Board-Final-No-Really-This-Time-3.0.doc five minutes before a meeting. 

For clients wishing to sell, you’ll walk through the same brief onboarding, and the client will be able to specify features of the property they’re selling. Again, better to learn about the Peloton room-turned-office-turned-playroom-turned-storage-closet (it does have something mysterious leaking from the ceiling) sooner rather than later. 

This process will give you a base of operations when comparing similar for-sale properties. You and your client then have a leg up in the marketing game, and all this can be done sans endless meeting scheduling and rescheduling! Or, at least, you’ll be able to optimize that in-person chat squeezed between their carpool obligations and your dentist appointment. Your time can be spent discussing next steps like photographers and landscapers instead of the basics of the property itself. 

Wrapping Up

Onboarding your clients with ListedKit gets you working smarter in no time. Now, you can move seamlessly from mortgage pre-approvals and property inspections to the just-closed happy dance more efficiently than ever. 

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