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Discover why ListedKit is the best electronic signature solution for seamless collaboration, secure data ownership, and end-to-end functionality.

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Capture processes and share knowledge 10x faster than doing it manually

green checkmark Limited features, passwords required for sharing


All-in-one platform for agents and clients, simplifying transactions

green checkmark Separate portals for agents and clients, causing confusion and inefficiency

Data Ownership

Secure data ownership with no hidden costs

green checkmark Unclear data ownership and potential surprise fees


Compliance reviews integrated into the platform

green checkmark Limited compliance features, requiring additional tools


Mobile-friendly for on-the-go productivity

green checkmark Mobile functionality limitations

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3 reasons why ListedKit is the best Dotloop alternative

Seamless Team Collaboration

  • ListedKit
    Enjoy effortless collaboration for your entire team or brokerage, eliminating the need for password sharing.
  • Dotloop
    Limited collaboration features may hinder team efficiency.
Real Estate Team and Clients Collaborating on Documents with Electronic Signature

Simple, All-in-One Platform for Agents and Clients

  • ListedKit
    Simplify transactions with a single platform for agents and clients.
  • Dotloop
    Separate portals can lead to confusion and inefficiency.
Document signature request

Secure Data Ownership & Compliance

  • ListedKit
    Benefit from secure data ownership and integrated compliance reviews with no hidden costs.
  • Dotloop
    Data ownership may be unclear, potentially resulting in surprise fees.
Secure Electronic Signature for Real Estate Deals

Why you’ll love ListedKit

Collaborate seamlessly with ListedKit's transaction software

Effortless collaboration & enhanced productivity

  • Collaborate seamlessly across your entire team or brokerage
  • One centralized platform for agents and clients, simplifying transactions
  • No more password sharing – invite additional team members effortlessly
  • Mobile-friendly for on-the-go productivity
secure data ownership

Secure Data Ownership & Compliance Assurance

  • Own your data with no hidden costs or uncertainties
  • Integrated compliance reviews for peace of mind
  • Simplify transactions with secure and efficient data management
smooth real estate transactions

Smooth Transition with a Better User Experience

  • Easy migration from Dotloop to ListedKit
  • Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Enhance productivity and eliminate limitations

How does ListedKit Sign
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Seamless collaboration for the entire team

Includes This Feature Not Included

One place for agents and clients throughout the transaction

Includes This Feature Not Included

Secure data ownership, no hidden costs

Includes This Feature Not Included

Compliance reviews integrated into the platform

Includes This Feature Not Included

Mobile-friendly for on-the-go productivity

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