Grow Your TC Business: 5 Real Estate Marketing Services to Expand Your Revenue

Feb 14, 2024 | Featured

The transaction coordinator landscape is booming, and with it, competition! Feeling the pressure to stand out and crush your revenue goals? You’re not alone. While traditional Transaction Coordinators focus on the contract-to-close phase, there’s an increasing demand for assistance outside of the contract-to-close period. We’re talking marketing support, pre-listing prep, compliance tasks, etc. By venturing in and offering tangential services to agents you can become an invaluable partner and expand the revenue those clients are bringing in for your Transaction Coordination business. This blog unlocks 5 powerful marketing services you can add to your arsenal, propelling you towards success. Let’s dive in!

1. Content & Design: Become Their Marketing Powerhouse!

Forget spreadsheets and emails; dive into the creative realm! Offering design and content creation complements your existing skills and makes you an agent’s one-stop marketing shop.

  • Direct Mail Mastery: Craft targeted postcard or brochure campaigns highlighting your expanded services. Charge a per-piece design and printing fee.
  • Monthly Newsletter Magic: Create engaging content and visually stunning layouts for monthly or annual subscriptions. Agents will love market updates, client success stories, and valuable tips.
  • Blogosphere Brilliance: Establish your expertise with a blog creation & management package. Partner with local publications or directly with agents for promotion.
  • Proofreading Prowess: Ensure accuracy and professionalism with your keen eye. Offer per-word or per-piece proofreading services for marketing materials.
  • Social Media Savvy: Help agents leverage the power of social media with management packages. Create content, manage interactions, and run targeted ad campaigns.
  • Video Visionary: Embrace the visual age! Offer video editing, creation, and YouTube channel management for virtual tours, walkthroughs, and local insights.

Pro Tip: Start with one or two services you enjoy, gradually expanding as you gain experience and feedback.

2. Client Resources: Be Their Information Hub!

Go beyond closing and transform into a valuable information hub for clients! Your efforts save agents time and showcase your commitment to a smooth transaction. Remember, personalization is key! Cater resources to specific needs and offer tiered options for varying budgets.

  • Branded Buyer/Seller Packets: Design personalized checklists like these to help clients understand the closing process and set expectations. Offer branding with their visual identity for a personalized touch.
  • Listing Information Binders: Help agents stay organized with custom-designed binders containing property specs, photos, and marketing materials. Charge a design and printing fee per binder.
  • Eye-Catching Property Flyers: Utilize tools like Canva to design flyers showcasing key features and promoting open houses. Offer design and printing services tailored to specific listings.

Pro Tip: Consider including downloadable resources on your website for added value.

3. Homeowner Engagement: Keep Them Buzzing!

Become a master of engagement, keeping homeowners informed, excited, and actively involved throughout the process.

  • Captivating Advertising & Marketing Letters: Reach out to potential sellers with informative and engaging letters highlighting your services and market updates. Charge a per-letter design and printing fee.
  • Open House Extravaganza: Take open houses to the next level with creative flyers, eye-catching signage, and strategic social media promotion packages.
  • Your Personal Online Hub: Establish an online presence showcasing your expertise with website design, development, and maintenance services.
  • Showcase Testimonials: Post glowing reviews on your website and social media. Offer testimonial promotion packages to agents.

Pro Tip: Encourage client interaction on social media and respond promptly to queries.

4. Brand Management: Become a Complete Package!

Don’t settle for being just a TC; become the ultimate brand architect for your clients! By offering comprehensive brand management services, you can elevate their presence, attract high-value clients, and solidify your role as a true business partner.

  • Cohesive Brand Identity: Develop a strong and memorable brand across all platforms with brand identity development and implementation packages.
  • Personalized Closing Gifts: Go beyond generic mugs! Select thoughtful and personalized gifts for clients. Offer closing gift selection and delivery services.
  • Informational Resources: Equip agents and clients with knowledge! Design and create comprehensive guides and resources on essential real estate topics. Offer content creation and design services for custom resources.

Pro Tip: Offer retainer options for ongoing brand management, ensuring consistent messaging and adaptation to market changes.

5. Testimonials & Publicity: Let Your Work Shine!

Don’t let your amazing work stay hidden! Unleash the power of testimonials and publicity to showcase your expertise, attract new clients, and solidify your reputation in the market.

  • Share the Love: Post Testimonials: Display glowing reviews on your website, social media platforms, and marketing materials. Offer testimonial promotion packages to agents, amplifying their positive experiences and reaching a wider audience.
  • Think Outside the Box: Public Advertisements: Explore unconventional advertising mediums that go beyond traditional channels. Develop targeted campaigns for agents, leveraging unique avenues like local publications, community events, or partnerships with other businesses.
  • Enhance Listings: Simple Floor Plan Layouts: Offer clear and professional floor plan designs on a per-listing basis. Enhance property listings with visuals that help potential buyers easily envision the space and its potential.

Remember, authenticity is key! Encourage genuine testimonials from satisfied clients, and choose public advertising mediums that align with your target audience and brand image. By strategically showcasing your accomplishments and positive client experiences, you’ll get more referrals, build trust, and establish yourself as a top contender in the TC game!

Closing Thoughts

The landscape of transaction coordination is transforming, and the time to stand out is now. By diversifying your skillset and venturing beyond the confines of traditional TC services, you unlock the potential to become an invaluable partner for agents and dominate your market. This blog has explored 5 powerful marketing ideas you can integrate into your offerings:

1. Content & Design: Become their one-stop marketing shop, crafting targeted mailers, engaging newsletters, and professional marketing materials.

2. Client Resources: Transform into a valuable information hub, providing branded buyer/seller packets, personalized listing binders, and eye-catching flyers.

3. Homeowner Engagement: Foster excitement and involvement with captivating ad letters, open house extravaganzas, and an informative online presence.

4. Brand Management: Elevate your clients’ image with cohesive brand identity, personalized closing gifts, and informative resources.

5. Testimonials & Publicity: Let your success speak for itself through glowing testimonials, unconventional public advertisements, and professional floor plan layouts.

Remember, you don’t have to conquer them all at once! Start small, refine your skills, and gradually expand your services based on your interests and client feedback. Building a thriving business takes time, so celebrate every milestone, learn from each experience, and keep refining your approach.

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Join our email list for exclusive resources and tips on how TCs can leverage marketing services to attract more agents, expand their income, and streamline their workflow.

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