REALTOR® Guide to Facebook Post Ideas [With Examples]

Dec 6, 2023 | Featured

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Looking to grow your real estate brand and build awareness for your services? Facebook is a powerful tool for generating leads and nurturing relationships. This is why it’s important to stand out from the crowd with engaging and informative posts. Here are 6 realtor Facebook post ideas to get you started:

1. Showcase your local expertise

Forget the tired yard signs and generic open houses. In today’s hyper-connected world, real estate clients crave something more – an agent who bleeds their neighborhood. In other words, someone who can not only rattle off stats about square footage and school ratings, but who can confidently guide them through hidden alleys, secret gardens, and the best spot to catch the sunset over the local park. Here are some post ideas:

  • Craft hyperlocal content. Ditch the city-wide market reports. Dive deep into specific neighborhoods. Share quirky stats, like “most dog-friendly streets” or “best places to work from home with a view.”
  • Host “insider tours” on social media. Take viewers on a virtual stroll past under-the-radar cafes, charming parks, and historic landmarks. Let them experience the neighborhood through your eyes.
  • Become a local influencer. Partner with small businesses. Host “live Q&A” sessions with the neighborhood pizzaiolo or the florist who knows every resident’s favorite blooms.
  • Offer free “neighborhood guides.” Create downloadable cheat sheets on local schools, parks, restaurants, or hidden gems. Become their trusted resource, not just a sales pitch.
  • Get personal. Share your neighborhood journey. Did you find your dream home here? Raise a family? Let your genuine love for the area shine through.

Here’s an example to inspire you. Posted by Jason Noblitt.

Remember, hyperlocal expertise isn’t about gatekeeping information. It’s about using your intimate knowledge to empower and connect with potential clients. Aim to become their champion and trusted guide.

2. Highlight your listings with captivating visuals

Real estate listings need to stop blending in and start standing out. Think captivating visuals that ignite imaginations and make buyers say, “Wow, I have to see that!”

Here’s how to transform your listings from yawn-fests to eye magnets:

  • Become a lighting ninja. Natural light is your best friend. Open those curtains, embrace the golden hour, and let the sunshine bathe your spaces in warmth and beauty.
  • Stage with intention. Ditch the generic floral arrangements and mass-produced throw pillows. Tell a story with your staging. Turn the living room into a cozy movie night haven, the bedroom into a serene oasis, and the backyard into an alfresco dining paradise.
  • Embrace the unexpected. Don’t just shoot the usual suspects. Capture the quirky details, the hidden nooks, and the sunlight dancing on a vintage wallpaper. Show the personality of the space, not just its floor plan.
  • Think beyond stills. Go beyond the static image. Short, cinematic videos can showcase the flow of a home, the warmth of a fireplace, and the way sunlight dances across the kitchen counters. Let buyers experience the space, not just see it.
  • Drone on, but strategically. Aerial shots are great but don’t just show rooftops and telephone lines. Capture the surrounding beauty – the park across the street, the bustling city skyline, the tranquil lake nearby. Context is everything.
  • Get creative with angles. Ditch the boring eye-level shots. Play with low angles to emphasize high ceilings, capture dramatic staircases from the bottom up, or frame a cozy reading nook with a telephoto lens.
  • Edit with finesse. No need for over-the-top filters. Enhance the natural beauty of the space. Fix crooked lines, brighten shadows, and make colors pop without losing the authenticity.

Remember, visuals are your first impression. Show buyers the potential and possibilities of living in that home.

Here’s an example from Real Estate Photography Classroom to inspire you. Jennifer also does an amazing job sharing photography tips to capture the essence of real estate on your Facebook page. Check it out!

3. Provide valuable market insights

Real estate clients crave insights with bite, data with personality, and analysis that feels like a whispered secret from a trusted friend. They want an agent who can not only predict the market’s next move but who can translate it into actionable advice that helps them win their dream home or sell for top dollar.

Here’s how to translate data into captivating Facebook posts for prospects and clients:

  • Go hyperlocal. Ditch the city-wide stats. Drill down to your niche neighborhoods. Share the scoop on micro-trends, hidden gems, and pockets of opportunity. Know which streets are seeing bidding wars and which ones have hidden fixer-upper potential.
  • Humanize the numbers. Don’t just spew percentages. Tell stories with your data. Explain how rising interest rates might impact first-time buyers or how a new tech company moving in could boost condo values. Make it relatable, not just academic.
  • Offer actionable advice. Don’t just tell them what’s happening, tell them what to do about it. Should they buy now or wait? Should they list high or low? Use your market knowledge to empower informed decisions, not just spark anxiety. This is where video clips can come in super handy!
  • Visualize your insights. Pie charts are snooze-worthy. Create eye-catching infographics, short videos, or interactive maps.
  • Become a trusted source. Share your insights beyond your listings. Contribute to local blogs, speak at community events, or even host your own “Market Musings” podcast. Establish yourself as the go-to expert, not just a one-client-at-a-time salesperson.

Here are two examples to spark some creativity;

Credits to Angela Presley
Credits to Tom Landry.

4. Build trust with client testimonials and success stories

In today’s real estate market, forget fancy ads and empty promises. Potential clients crave something real – genuine connections, relatable experiences, and the confidence that you’re not just another agent making noise. This is where client testimonials and success stories become your secret weapon.

Think about it: who are you more likely to trust – a stranger with a brochure or a smiling family raving about how you helped them find their dream home? Testimonials are the ultimate social proof, showing that you’re not just talk, you’re results. Here are some ideas:

  • Share positive reviews and quotes from past clients.
  • Feature case studies of how you helped buyers or sellers achieve their goals.
  • Create a “client spotlight” series where you interview satisfied customers.

Here’s an example;

Credits to Lysa E. Bishop.

5. Showcase your personality and brand

Forget the perfectly staged open houses and the filtered Instagram feeds. Let’s be real, this business isn’t all about manicured lawns and champagne toasts (although, hey, we’ll take those wins when they come!). It’s also late-night paperwork marathons, deciphering cryptic seller notes that leave you wondering if they’re talking about a house or a medieval torture chamber, and the occasional client meltdown that makes you want to hide under your desk with a box of wine.

But here’s the secret sauce, people: this chaotic, unpredictable world is exactly why I love being a real estate renegade. Because beneath the surface, it’s about so much more than just buying and selling bricks and mortar. It’s about guiding people through life’s biggest transitions, one negotiation at a time. Leverage that in your social media channels and keep it real! Some ideas to do this are:

  • Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your day-to-day work.
  • Post humorous memes or relatable content about the joys and challenges of real estate.
  • Let your unique voice and expertise shine through in your writing and interactions.

Here’s an example;

Credits to The Rensch Group.

6. Partner with local businesses for cross-promotion.

The real estate game is all about connections. Agents connect buyers with sellers, renters with landlords, and dreams with addresses. But what if you could leverage the power of collaboration to reach an even wider audience and supercharge your marketing efforts? That’s where cross-promotion with local businesses comes in.

Imagine this: you team up with a mortgage lender to host a first-time homebuyer seminar. You provide the expertise on the market, they handle the nitty-gritty of financing and boom! You’ve got a room full of potential clients who are primed and pre-approved. 🤯

Or, picture this: you join forces with an interior designer to offer a “Staging Smackdown” contest. Followers submit before-and-after photos of their staged spaces, the designer picks a winner, and you get to showcase your listings to a hyper-engaged audience interested in home improvement and design.

Partner with a landscaper for a “Yard Envy” contest, team up with a local brewery for a “Homeowner Happy Hour” meet-up, or collaborate with a home improvement store for a “DIY Dream Space” workshop series. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s an example;

Credits to Natalie Jane Whitney

Bonus Tip: Be Consistent

Okay, real estate agents, we’ve bombarded you with enough Facebook post ideas to fill a virtual open house. But before you dive headfirst into content creation, let’s remember the key to the game: consistency.

Here’s how to turn those one-off posts into a lead-generating machine:

  • Create a regular schedule: Post consistently, whether it’s daily, twice a week, or even just once a week. Your audience craves a rhythm, a familiar face popping up in their newsfeed with valuable tidbits.
  • Respond, respond, respond: People have questions, comments, and maybe even a few jokes. Show them you’re not just a posting robot by replying promptly. It’s about building relationships, not just broadcasting information.
  • Monitor and adapt: Facebook throws a lot of data your way. Use it! See what posts get the most engagement, and what kind of content flops, and adjust your approach accordingly. Remember, Facebook is a living thing, and you gotta be nimble to keep up.

Be patient, be persistent: Keep creating great content, keep engaging with your audience, and eventually, those leads will trickle in, then flow, then become a steady stream of clients.

And don’t forget, these Facebook post ideas are just the starting line:

  1. Show off your local knowledge
  2. Make your listings shine
  3. Be the market oracle
  4. Let your clients sing your praises
  5. Be yourself.
  6. Collaborate with local businesses.

Nurture leads to raving fans with valuable content and genuine connection. That’s how you build a loyal following on Facebook. But remember, it’s just one tool. To seal the deal, use software like ListedKit. It keeps the conversation flowing, so clients become happy advocates and send you more leads. Check it out!

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