Redesigned Task Page

Jul 4, 2024 | Product Updates

Happy Independence Day! 

We’re celebrating the holiday with the release of a new and improved Task page design.  We’ve heard from a lot of you over the past few months that the Task page was not very valuable. Each task took up too much room, ordering by due dates was often broken, and you just weren’t able to work within this page like you wanted to.

The old and busted task page.

As of today, that’s no longer an issue. Our redesigned task page adds a compressed task view, accurate ordering by due date, easy-to-navigate statuses like “Overdue” and “Next 7 Days,” task functionality directly within the Task page, and improved task search functionality.

The new-new.

We think you will really love this update! Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

Other Stuff

As always, we’ve included several bug fixes, stability improvements, and overall quality-of-life improvements with this update. 

Thanks again for being a loyal ListedKit user. We hope this update helps you get more done with less time and effort. 

And happy Independence Day from the ListedKit team!

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The Real Estate Software Stack Every TC Business Needs

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