Transaction checklist for buyers and sellers

Use this checklist to ensure you’ve completed all of the necessary tasks as the Selling or Buying agent.


☐ Complete comparative market analysis (CMA)
☐ Listing agreement between seller and agent or brokerage
☐ Create listing in ListedKit
☐ Add lockbox
☐ Seller property disclosure
☐ Send seller open house checklist
☐ Signed seller net sheet
☐ Copy of tax records
☐ Add listing to MLS
☐ HOA disclosure (if applicable)
☐ CDD (Community Development District) addendum
☐ Lead based paint disclosure – for homes ☐ built prior to 1978
☐ Short sale addendum
☐ Hire photographer
☐ Upload photos to MLS
☐ Install sign at home
☐ Schedule open house
☐ Order property profile from title company
☐ Purchase gift for client to celebrate their home sale

Seller Checklist

☐ Contract documents signed and uploaded to ListedKit
☐Executed offer to purchase
☐Proof of funds or pre-approval Earnest money
☐Add inspector
☐Add lender
☐Order inspections
☐Upload inspections to ListedKit
☐Create inspection addendum
☐Complete agent info sheet for title
☐Schedule closing
☐Seller disclosure
☐Signed buyer net sheet
☐HOA disclosure (if applicable)
☐CDD (Community Development District) addendum
☐Lead based paint disclosure – for homes built prior to 1978 Appraisal
☐Short sale addendum
☐Wire fraud prevention notice
☐Ensure MLS marked pending
☐Home warranty
☐Final walkthrough (see Walkthrough Checklist)
☐Complete close
☐Upload to Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
☐Purchase gift for client to celebrate their home purchase

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