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Know what’s going on,  know what to do, and make your clients fall in love with you. 

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Know what to do…

Stop wandering and second guessing.  ListedKit provides a proven path for your transactions.  Our default ListedKit checklists are your recipe for transactions and guide you step from pre-contract to closing and beyond. 

Developed in collaboration with experienced real estate brokers, our default checklists can be used as-is, or they can be updated with custom milestones, custom tasks, notes, and documents to match your current process.  Tasks can be assigned to clients, agents, or, in ListedKit for Teams, transaction coordinators and brokers.  

Let our team build your checklists for you – take advantage of our Free White Glove Implementation now through October 31.  Contact us if you have questions!


Real estate transaction management tool for realtors

Know what’s going on…

ListedKit is built from the ground up to keep you informed, help you prioritize, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. From our mobile or desktop application, you can easily see all of your deals by client or address, see upcoming deadlines, and prioritize your most important tasks. 

When you log in, you’ll be able to see tasks completed by your clients, highest priority tasks, and alerts when you receive a new client referral from our Referral Assistant

We’ll also send you email alerts whenever you or a client have an overdue task or a new client joins your Client Portal.  In ListedKit for Teams, we’ll also send you an alert whenever your broker finishes a file review.  

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Make clients fall in love…

ListedKit is one of the only transaction management tools designed and built with the client in mind. 

The optional client portal, available for free with any plan, lets your clients track their progress, see a roadmap for their transaction, view your instructions, upload and view documents, and check off their assignments from their checklist. 

Any ListedKit plan allows you to customize the client portal with your logos and color scheme, enhancing your personal brand. 

The portal features your own curated list of local service providers, so your clients can see your recommendations for contractors, inspectors, or lenders in real time so they can hit the ground running in their new home.

Clients can also use our Referral Assistant to introduce you to their friends and family.   

And, the Client Portal features stay accessible to your clients for as long as you subscribe, so your clients can keep coming back to your ListedKit app to make referrals and get information about their home even after their transaction is closed. 

tasks and progress views

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What people are saying about ListedKit

Dan, Homebuyer

“My last agent did such a poor job keeping us updated and we never knew what we had to do next. This client portal is a no-brainer. I like being able to see our deadlines and keep track of what is coming next.”

Jason, Real Estate Agent

“ListedKit’s client portal replaces my contract-to-close task lists from Asana and turns them into a client portal. Now, clients can see into their transactions and feel involved.”

Melvin, Broker & Owner

“ListedKit replaced our office’s traditional paper checklists and helped us standardize our processes.  Our team now runs more efficiently and our agents keep our clients better informed.”

Manage transactions with ListedKit


Manage the client experience from contract to closing. Agents have the ability to track the entire transaction process, ensuring that all important documents are sent to the client in a timely manner. Agents can work from their mobile device or their desktop and are warned when deadlines approach.

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Managing tasks on mobile

We offer better real estate transaction management

ListedKit offers residential real estate agents an innovative tool to manage transactions for buyers and sellers. Our task tracking, document storage, create a workflow recipes, vendor referral list, and customer lifecycle management tools enable agents to work smarter, not harder, and spend more time acquiring clients and closing deals.

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Sell more and manage better transactions with ListedKit

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We are one of the first tools built for real estate agents to manage their customer experience between lead acquisition and transaction closing. We deliver an exceptional client experience for home buyers and sellers, and we empower agents to nurture trust with their clients.

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