Top 10 Tools for Real Estate Agents

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Tools for Real Estate Agents

Are you a real estate agent looking for technology that can help you run a more successful business? Do you need transaction management help, lead generation tools, predictive analytics software, or accounting technology? If so, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve gathered the top 10 tools for real estate agents to develop their businesses, generate more referrals or leads, and boost their digital marketing capabilities. Keep reading to learn more about the best tools available for the real estate industry. Let’s jump in!

1. ListedKit Transaction Management and Collaboration Tool

The ListedKit transaction management and collaboration software tools provide you with numerous features like:

  • CRM use
  • Vendor list
  • Referral assistant
  • Open transactions pipeline
  • Task management
  • Client Portal
  • Document storage

All of these impressive features benefit agents and brokers, especially the referral assistant feature. With it, you’ll be able to produce more referral leads from satisfied clients. The best part? The referral assistant is free and included with a ListedKit subscription.

You can also use ListedKit to create and manage a custom vendor list of home inspectors, real estate attorneys, contractors, and more.

ListedKit can also help you maintain contact with your clients and communicate with clients on the go. The technology allows you to look up client names, listing addresses, and transaction data quickly and easily. 

You can also better manage tasks with ListedKit to decrease bottlenecks and boost efficiency with to-do lists and streamlined workflows.

A ListedKit subscription includes all features for only $29 per month.

Looking for More Tools?

Trust your closings to ListedKit. Get started with our free real estate checklists and email templates for walk-throughs, referral asks, closing instructions, and more.

2. RealScout Lead Nurturing Tool

RealScout is an effective lead generation tool that focuses on using MLS to find listings relevant to your clients. Realtors can find perfect homes and properties for their clients using the RealScout tool. The technology can even send well-formatted emails directly to your clients showing the listings available to bid on.

The lead nurturing tool allows you to pick from as many as 400 different criteria. That way, you will ensure your clients get listings with features that match precisely what they’re looking for. 

The RealScout tool also has a branded home search portal. The portal includes precise MLS data, applications to generate leads, and ways to foster team functionality. 

The RealScout tool costs $39 per month for each real estate agent, or $500 per month for brokerage firms. 

3. Revaluate Predictive Analytics Technology

You can also generate more leads with the Revaluate predictive analytics technology. The technology can make a big difference in converting your cold-calling leads and campaigns into clients who sign on to buy or sell a property.

The application uses social media data along with consumer and demographic data and machine learning algorithms to better predict who is looking to sell and buy a new home, and analyzes millions of data points to get you the results you need.

You can choose from either the Reveal or the Reside product from the Revaluate company. You can grow your real estate business with Reside, as it allows you to pick new geographic locations for customer growth. Reveal lets you score and segment your database to understand better who in your client base may move within the coming months.

Revaluate costs $139 per month for as many as 2,000 contacts. 

4. Redx Realtor Prospecting Software

If you’re tired of cold calling and want a more effective system in place, check out the Redx realtor prospecting software. Redx software is a great alternative to cold calling and the best investment you will make for identifying possible prospects.

The real estate prospecting software provides a unique way to find new prospects. The software includes access to older FSBO listings and expired listings that allow you to create a new list of prospects. Once you’ve determined your list, the Storm Dialer application will make your calls through automatic dialing while providing important information for you to view during the call.

The software will help you set up more appointments with clients to get more listings on the housing market. Furthermore, the technology helps you organize your client database, leads, and past customer information all in one place. 

The Redx realtor prospecting software will cost you $60 per month. 

5. DIY WordPress Website

Are you a tech-savvy individual looking to create a real estate website on your own to grow your business? If so, you may want to utilize a DIY WordPress website. The learning curve is relatively high, but the outcome is excellent, as you can make beautiful websites and choose from multiple templates. 

If you have the technical skills, you can build a great WordPress website and attract clients online with the right branding. If you are not very technically oriented, you may take a while to learn how to use WordPress. However, the process is much easier than building a website from scratch.

You can get WordPress for free or pay up to $5,000 or more per year. You will need to pay extra to incorporate factors like IDX listings. Most realtor websites, however, include these types of listings, so the price for your WordPress site may vary. 

6. Coffee & Contracts Social Media Template Software

Are you looking for a simple way to reach your customer base on social media platforms? Are you completely lost when it comes to social media marketing but you lack the funds to hire a social media manager? 

If so, the Coffee & Contracts social media template software provides an avenue where you can use trending, popular, and beautiful templates for the Instagram social media site. You can use the software to target your specific audience and increase your client transactions. 

The best part is that the learning curve for the product is relatively low and you should easily pick up how to use the software.

Coffee & Contracts costs $54 per month to utilize the product and improve your marketing efforts.

7. FreshDesk Communication Management Software

If you want to connect with your clients in a simple and streamlined manner, the FreshDesk communication management platform is an option. FreshDesk allows your clients to contact you through whatever channel they choose, such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, and more in a single messaging inbox.

The software program has an automation feature that sends the communication form or message to the right person in the real estate company, allowing you to respond to your clients much faster. Your leads can also contact the right realtor at the right time, which ensures you can quickly convert a lead into a client. 

FreshDesk will cost you either $18 per month or $180 per year. 

8. Cloud Attract Real Estate Landing Page Template Tool

When developing an effective real estate website that can generate leads for your business, you will need eye-catching landing pages. If you’re looking to target home buyers and sellers, add the Cloud Attract real estate landing page template software into your repertoire. 

You will have plenty of choices to produce attractive landing pages, as the template tool has more than a dozen well-designed landing page templates. Pick out what type of info your real estate agency needs to convey to your audience and then the landing page gets automatically generated.

You can personalize the landing pages with your logo and brand, specific photos, Google analytics info, and content with your preferred fonts, and get notified of new leads from the pages. 

The Cloud Attract bundle for real estate agents costs $99 per month. 

9. Quickbooks for Real Estate Accounting Software

Are you looking for a results-driven and effective realtor accounting software program? If so, the Quickbooks Online tool can help.

The software also provides you with a simple way to track real estate agent expenses, such as the costs behind tracking mileage and car expenses. You can also integrate the product with tools like Salesforce Sales Cloud, and DocuSign.

The real estate accounting software includes a Simple Start plan, which costs around $25 each month.

10. Realtyzam Accounting Software for Real Estate Agents

If you’re looking for accounting software developed specifically for real estate agents, take a look at Realtyzam accounting software tools. The program offers a more affordable option next to Quickbooks for realtors. 

The software tools will provide a quick way for you to manage your accounting and save time, including a straightforward system for monitoring expenses and producing reports for tax payments.

Realtyzam costs $12 per month or $120 per year.

Wrapping Up

These great tools for real estate agents can help grow a business, generate more clients, and better handle documentation or accounting strategies. Which software product is your favorite? What are you considering adding to your workspace? 

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